Hello, everyone!  Welcome to my new blog, Peach Blossoms and Stardust.

What inspired the name? 

Well… Peach Blossoms, because I am from Georgia!  Also, according to something I found on Google, the peach blossom flower symbolizes the sweetness of life, loving life and being captivated or challenged with finding sweetness in your world.  One thing I will strive to do with this blog is to be an encouragement and a light.  I recently had a friend tell me that I have a gift for people – I leave them with more than they had when they met me.  I don’t know if that’s true, but it is certainly something I strive to do.

And Stardust?  I’ll be 100% straightforward and honest… I am a classic movie and tv show NUT!!  Oh, and music!  So, I’m sure some of my posts will include the entertainment industry.  And who knows – I might even try to interview some people!  We’ll just see where this goes.

Ok, so a little about me.

My name is Kerri Brown.  IMG_20171116_102719_055

As previously stated, I am a Georgia girl, born and raised!  I was saved when I was 5 yrs old, and through all of the trials and tribulations of life, God has never failed to prove Himself faithful!  I didn’t have many friends growing up, so I would go through times of being very lonely.  My mom would always say, “Draw closer to God.”  Not exactly the answer I wanted to hear, but each time I did, I found that He more than filled the void.  He has truly been a Friend that sticks closer than a brother to me.

“…these are a few of my favorite things!”

Yes, I did just use a quote from one of my favorite movies of all time! The Sound of Music! 

I already told y’all that I love classic films and tv shows.  I also love music and singing!  I am one of these rare people that can sorta relate to musicals… I almost could break out into song in the middle of the street!  Don’t worry – I don’t actually do that!  But since music and singing runs in my family, I guess it’s only natural for me to love it!

I also like to dabble in a bit of amateur photography… but I’m definitely no pro!  If I get a chance to go hiking or something, you can be pretty sure I’ll have my phone out taking pictures! (This particular photo is from Brasstown Bald – the highest point in Georgia.  I got to go there for the first time a couple of months ago, and it is GORGEOUS!!)20180729_155722

One last tidbit about me for now…  I actually AM a writer!  In 2016, I published my first book (poetry), Thoughts From My Heart.  In December of 2017, I had the thrill of publishing my first novel, cowritten with my dear friend Cleopatra Thomas.  Love in the Rain is an inspirational frontier love story.  Currently, a sequel to this novel is in the works, and I can’t wait to share it with y’all!IMG_20180828_153444_133

I am very excited to continue this blogging journey!  Thank y’all so much for following along!

Love and Prayers,



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