Interview with Andrea Brooks

I love Hallmark Channel movies, and I am also quite a fan of the Hallmark Channel original series “When Calls the Heart.”  This series was inspired by the book series of the same title written by my favorite author, Janette Oke.  When I started this blog, I reached out to several Hallmark actors and actresses, requesting interviews.  This is the first response of what I hope will be many!  I hope you enjoy the interview below!


Me:  Hi, Andrea!  Thank you so much for agreeing to do this interview!  I love your work with Hallmark Channel!


Me:  When you first joined the When Calls the Heart cast in Season 2, did you have any idea how much the character of Faith Carter would develop?


Andrea:  When I first joined the show in season two, I had no idea if I would be asked back for the third season. The storyline remained a bit open-ended, so it was definitely something I thought about at the time. Of course now we are all promoting season six and I couldn’t be happier! I love being able to play a character over an extended period of time. I think Faith shows a lot of growth this season in particular and I can’t wait for people to see it.


Me:  Faith has had quite a rocky road to find love.  I know many people considered her a threat to Jack and Elizabeth’s relationship at first.  Then there was her sadly doomed engagement.  Then, of course, when Carson stepped up for her in the saloon that one night, everyone thought something would happen between the two of them.  And let’s not forget Shane.  Then there was Ray Wyatt.  And finally, in Season 5, there finally seemed to be a special spark between Nurse Faith and Doctor Carson – which everyone is shipping!  What have you thought of Faith’s bumpy road to love, and do you think there is a chance for her to finally find true love?


Andrea:  It’s true! Faith hasn’t been dealt the best hand when it comes to love, that’s for sure. That said, I think some people out there might find this storyline relatable. Love can be a tricky thing. Of course I always hold out hope that the characters I play find happiness, but at the same time, the journey can sometimes be even more fun to play.


Me:  What is your favorite thing about Faith Carter?


Andrea:  I love the fact that Faith is a career woman. She has worked so hard helping the town when in need, and let’s not forget that she set up the infirmary all by herself. I love the friendships and bonds she has with the people of Hope Valley, and the fact that she is incredibly loyal and hard working.


Me:  Are there any similarities between you and Faith?


Andrea:  Neither of us can cook! (But… we are both learning)


Me:  Is there anything special that you would like to see happen in Faith’s life at some point in the future?  Or in Hope Valley in general.


Andrea:  I really want to see Hope Valley expand and change with the times. The show has been around for a while now, and I find it fun to see the people of Hope Valley confront issues of modernization (the railroad rings a bell). As far as Faith, I would love to see her find happiness but I also want for her to have a bunch of adventures along the way.



Me:  I and many other #Hearties have been thrilled with all of the #TeamInfirmary behind-the-scenes pictures we have seen for this upcoming season.  Is there anything at all that you can share about what we can expect to see from you two in Season 6?


Andrea:  Ask me this question at the end of the season, and we can have a FULL discussion.


Me:  What is your favorite thing that has happened to Faith during her time on the show?  Any favorite scenes or storylines?


Andrea:  I loved the Shane storyline. It was really fun to see Faith take a chance after all of her bad luck. I also loved everything from the second season. I didn’t know much about the show at the time and working with Daniel, Max, and director Martin Wood was so much fun. We laughed a lot! Of course, working with Paul is pretty fun too.


Me:  If you could play any character in When Calls the Heart, who would it be?


Andrea:  Hickam and Florence always make me laugh. Ben and Loretta are also extremely talented actors. I’m sure I wouldn’t do those roles justice, but I’m definitely a fan.


Me:  How has it been, filming without Daniel (AKA Jack) this season?


Andrea:  We all miss him, of course. But things can’t always stay the same in showbusiness. He will always be an integral part of this show no matter what.


Me:  How has working on When Calls the Heart affected you?  I know many of the cast members have said they have never had a fan base like the #Hearties.


Andrea:  It’s true. The hearties are quite a force! I truly appreciate the positivity and support. The show has been lovely in that I feel like we are one big family.


Me:  You have had the opportunity to be in several other Hallmark Channel productions.  What is it like working for Hallmark?  


Andrea:  Working for Hallmark feels like stepping back in time to the old studio system. So many of us have worked together on multiple projects (I’m currently working with Jeremy Guilbaut again on… I want to say our fourth of fifth project together). I’ve made so many wonderful life-long friends thanks to the network, and I’m very thankful.


Me:  We have heard that there is going to be a spinoff to When Calls the Heart streaming on Hallmark Movies Now.  Do you know anything about the series When Hope Calls that you can share?


Andrea:  If I were an emoji right now, I would be the one with a zipper over the mouth.



Me:  It is obvious from your social media posts that you love traveling.  Do you have a favorite place, or do you more enjoy new adventures?


Andrea:  I adore traveling and experiencing different cultures. Some of my favorite trips include visits to Japan, France, Peru, Myanmar, and Italy. I still haven’t been to Pompeii yet. That needs to happen!


Me:  I have heard that you love classic films.  Do you have any favorite actors/actresses or movies?


Andrea:  Some Like it Hot, Mildred Pierce, All About Eve, Sunset Boulevard, Psycho, and basically anything starring Charlie Chaplin. I know some will argue that it might fall outside the “old Hollywood” parameters, but 2001 a Space Odyssey will always hold a special place in my heart.



Me:  It has been lovely to chat with you, Andrea!  I hope we can do it again someday!  Thank you again so much for taking the time to answer these questions.  I know the #Hearties will love hearing from you!  Wishing you the best of everything!  Can’t wait for Season 6, and hoping for many more seasons to follow!


 Andrea:  ❤


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