Slow Down

Have you ever noticed how stressed out most people are?  How about noticing how impatient people are?  Everyone is in a hurry.  These days, we’re tapping our foot impatiently as we wait for one minute to pass to heat up something in the microwave.  To tell the truth, there are some of us who are probably muttering “Come on!” as we wait for that minute to pass.  We say “What color green are you waiting on?” if someone takes two seconds to get going when the light signal turns green.


What IS our hurry?  It seems all we do is make things faster, and we have less time than ever!  It seems that people are always late to something.  Now, don’t judge me, here.  I understand that people have to work, and that they have responsibilities that have to be tended to.  So do I!  However, may I submit to you that people’s priorities are out of line?

Pastor DaRon mentioned Sunday that he had never heard someone on their deathbed say that they wished they had worked harder or had more things.  People always regret not having more time.  More time to truly be a part of people’s lives.  More time to tell people that they loved them – and show that they meant it.

“Dost thou love life?  Then do not squander time, for that is the stuff life is made of.”  ~ Benjamin Franklin 

I have had a pretty crazy, full week, myself!  What started out as a one day deep cleaning project turned into a three-day project when a kitchen faucet broke and had to be replaced.  Then there was a voice lesson.  Then a trip to the grocery store.  Then another trip to the grocery store the next day… which somehow resulted in me spilling chocolate milk in the floor of my car.  (I did clean that up, just so y’all know!)  I also went to soccer playoffs to cheer on some friends of mine on Monday night.  I also finally got to work out, and got some housework done at home.  Finally, last night, I went to a bonfire for our church youth and young adults.


What is it about staring into a fire that makes time seem to stand still?  It is such a tranquil moment.  Just for that moment, you relax, breathe, and forget about all of your worries.  Also the fellowship of friends and brothers and sisters in Christ builds your Spirit up!  It was a moment for me to remember a conversation with my mom.  We had talked about how many people don’t make the time for life.  I thought back to the old days.  For example, how did young people spend their free time?  Maybe a walk to the drugstore for a soda.  Or listening to records.  Or getting a group of friends together for a game of football or baseball in a local field.  Or maybe bowling.  Or a dance.  A movie on the weekend was a treat.  They didn’t have social media to keep them connected to the world around them.  Instead, they were out in it – experiencing it.  They were connected to their friends and family in a way that has sadly been lost in this age of “connectivity.”  Families actually ate dinner together and talked together.  Wow.  What a novelty!

Maybe I’m not conveying my point well.  Sometimes I don’t.  But I want to encourage you to evaluate where your priorities lie.  Sometimes you don’t have time.  Sometimes you have to make time.  Which means that some other things may be neglected.  Just ask yourself what is most important to you.  For me, God and the people in my life are most important.  They will always have my top priority.  I don’t care if I have the new iPhone.  I’ve actually never even had an iPhone.  I don’t care if I have a new car.  My car is the newest we’ve ever had, and it’s a 2000!  Again, I might not be conveying this well, but my point is – regulate your time.  I am encouraging you to unplug from social media for a while.  It doesn’t have to be a long time.  Start LIVING the moments you post about, and stop worrying about what all of your friends think about it!  Become responsible for yourself and to yourself and God.

Where are your priorities?  What is your hurry?  What are some things that maybe you need to change?  Comment your thoughts below!

Love and prayers,


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