Welcome, 2019!


Happy New Year!! A new year is a time when many people make resolutions… But instead of “new year’s resolutions,” I’m giving myself a life goal. Ok, so maybe that’s the same thing spelled different. Or differently, if you want to get technical. Anyway. What are some things I want to work on in my life?

Draw closer to God.

Ah. Definitely top of my list. Although I love the personal relationship I have with my Heavenly Father, I want to draw closer to Him. Learn more about Him. Become more in tune with Him. Serve Him more fully.

Attain weight loss goal.

In 2018, I made it halfway to my weight loss goal. In 2019, I am determined to lose the remaining weight I need to lose to have a healthy body.

Get a job. Move out. 

At 23 years old, I feel it is time for me to start making my own life. Within God’s plan for me, of course! I am looking forward to exploring the life He has ahead of me!

Become healthier emotionally and mentally.

I struggle badly with seeking approval from others. And I rarely find it. I’m such an old soul in this Millenial generation… no wonder it is always the older people who really like me.

Throughout 2019, I want to remind myself that it’s ok to be different. And it’s ok if people think I’m wrong. I am who God made me to be. And that means I am going to reach specific people – even if everyone else who knows me thinks I’m weird or just plain wrong.

I have to work on not letting every little thing get to me. I spend far too much of my life mentally and emotionally distraught – when I shouldn’t even be looking for validation from people anyway.

Continue writing and publishing.

Yes, I’m scared. Honestly, because I’m worried I’m not good enough. But I know this is something that God placed in me… and if it’s His doing, then the people who need to be reached by it will be. It may not be for everyone, and that is ok.


I don’t really know anything else to say at the moment. Just know I’m praying for you. And I love you –  because God loves me so unconditionally. “God bless us, every one.” Happy New Year!

Love and prayers,


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