Interview with Jocelyn Hudon

If you know my tastes in entertainment, you know I love inspirational, period romance.  And Hallmark movies.  So, it’s not much of a surprise that I would love the Hallmark Channel original series, When Calls the Heart.  (And this series also happens to be inspired by books written by my favorite author, Janette Oke.)  When I heard that When Calls the Heart was getting a spinoff show streaming exclusively on Hallmark Movies Now, I was unsure if I would pay to watch it.  Boy, am I glad I did!!  If any of my Heartie friends have been in doubt – it is 250% worth the small amount to watch When Hope Calls!

I am very excited to post this interview with one of the leading ladies of When Hope Calls.  Jocelyn Hudon is a very talented actress, and a very sweet lady to talk to!  I hope you enjoy hearing from her as I did.


Me:  Hi, Jocelyn! Thank you so much for agreeing to do this interview!

First of all, I know you must be very excited to have a starring role in one of Hallmark’s newest ventures, When Hope Calls! Could you tell us a little bit of how this came about?

Jocelyn:  Hi there! Yes! I just auditioned for it! It was an audition for two episodes of WCTH, a movie and a potential for a spin off series.

Me:  Were you nervous about the reception of the show by the Hearties, or did their devotion to When Calls the Heart give you confidence that When Hope Calls would be well received?


Jocelyn:  No, not at all. Everyone is so supportive and we kind of got an instant, already built in fan base. 🙂 


Me:  Before the show even aired on Hallmark Movies Now, people were already shipping your character, Grace, with the town veterinarian, Chuck Stewart. Now that the show is airing, there is no doubt that sparks are flying between the two characters. What are some of your favorite things about the couple’s relationship?

Jocelyn:  I love fighting with Chuck. I love the tension and that nothing comes easily.

Me:  In what ways would you say that you and Grace are similar or totally different?

Jocelyn:  We are very similar. I am very positive like Grace, free spirited and I love kids. In real life I don’t have a sister so that is probably the biggest difference and hardest to relate to.

Me:  What developments would you like to see take place in Grace Bennett’s life?

Jocelyn:  I would like her to continue on the path she’s on! I love that she has a job and she’s pitching in. I would love to see things with Chuck progress as well.


Me:  How do you feel about the relationship between Grace and Lillian?

Jocelyn:  They are SOOOO different. It’s kind of like Yin and Yang. I think it will be great that some people can relate to Grace and others have Lillian to relate to.  🙂 

Me:  Any favorite memories on set that you could share with us?

Jocelyn:  We rode around in ATVS to get to set.. So we would be in hair and makeup for hours and then get on an ATV with no doors or windows and fly off to set and of course by the time we get there our hair is all over the place haha.

Me:  What does the town of Brookfield mean for you personally?

Jocelyn:  Me PERSONALLY? It’s epic! It’s my first lead in a series so having this entire town built is insane. We did nothing in a studio everything was in this little town that we lived in for almost four months.

Me:  Any chance we will see a second season of When Hope Calls?

Jocelyn:  I hope so!


Me:  Hallmark fans will remember you from several other Hallmark films, my favorite of those being From Friend to Fiance. What is it like getting to work for Hallmark?

Jocelyn:  It’s amazing I LOVEDDD filming From Friend to Fiance. Hallmark is so generous and easy to work with and I always love their content.

Me:  Any new Hallmark projects for you on the horizon?

Jocelyn:  None!

Me:  How did you get into acting?

Jocelyn:  I just kind of… started. I finished University and a post grad (not for acting)and one day was like.. NOPE I’m going to act. So I have been learning as I go but I think it’s going pretty well.

Me:  Fans love to know birthdays so we can shower love on your special day… would you mind sharing that date with us?

Jocelyn:  Nov 18!

Me:  What are some fun facts about yourself? Favorite ice cream, hobbies, likes, dislikes (just for examples)?

Jocelyn:  I love tollhouse cookie dough brownie ice cream. I have a puppy mini golden doodle named Rupert who is extremely polite and my best friend.

Me:  One last question… who is your biggest inspiration?

Jocelyn:  Angelina Jolie.

Me:  It has been lovely to chat with you, Jocelyn!  I hope we get to do it again when Hallmark grants our wishes and gives us another season of When Hope Calls! (Hint, hint, Hallmark!)  Thank you again for taking the time to answer these questions.  I look forward to seeing you continue to pursue your dreams!

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